Dodo’s land and water

In general we assume that the dodo lived in a paradise. This is because the images of Mauritius we have are that of palm island paradises. This contrasts however with some 350 years ago when the Dutch VOC officers stationed at Mauritius begged to be transferred from Mauritius to other stations. Mauritius was frequently struck by draughts and cyclons which its rugged vegetation and resilient fauna were trained to withstand. And before humans arrived on the islands it was volcanically active. The dodo could manage to survive here while humans without aid would certainly perish.

We investigate how the landscapes of Mauritius looked like prior its almost complete transformation by humans. Also we look into the water availability in relation to climate and environmental change. Water on volcanic islands is scarce, especially during drought. In order to investigate this we monitor presentday water availability and model how it was in the past. Learn here how we do it and what our findings are.

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